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"Starlings shaping a giant bird" photo by Daniel Biber
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Accelerating Entrepreneurship for a Healthy and Sustainable Future!

We inspire, educate, and support the next generation of innovators to improve human and planetary health through impact entrepreneurship.


Today, we face severe global systemic challenges that significantly impact our health and well-being. Despite investing more in healthcare than any other country in the world, US health outcomes are not improving because our system remains largely reductionist, individualistic, and inequitable. Entrepreneurship offers an untapped opportunity to improve our health outcomes. We have a unique opportunity at Stanford to inspire a new health innovation ecosystem to address the root causes of our health challenges with an inclusive and preventive approach.

Emergence is a new initiative at Stanford University designed to advance health through impact entrepreneurship. We support the next generation of socially and environmentally conscious innovators and develop an ecosystem designed for cross-sector collaboration to scale impactful innovations that address our most pressing health challenges. We are partnered with the Bioengineering Department, the Byers Center for Biodesign, and collaborate with schools across Stanford, including the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Business, the Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub, among others.