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We welcome your participation in Emergence

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Our mission to educate and empower global problem solvers can only be achieved in partnership with multiple stakeholders. There are many opportunities to get involved in our program and join our growing network of change makers.

Contact us to explore opportunities of shared interest:

Academic matters:

Accelerator inquiries:

Events and Sponsorship:

Mentorship: Join our growing network of mentors to support our students in launching their purpose-driven companies in the areas of sustainability and societal health. 

Problem Sponsorship and Advocacy: We are interested in collaborating with companies, NGOs, research organizations, and institutions who have deep knowledge of problems in the societal and planetary health fields.

Philanthropic Giving: Please contact us if you are interested in donating to our educational and research projects. 

Corporate Partnerships: We are looking for businesses who are interested in supporting our students in translating their research to commercial impact by providing practical feedback and piloting our solutions. 

Investment: Join our newsletter and stay tuned for opportunities to learn about startups our students are launching. 

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