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Mentorship Program

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The Stanford Emergence Mentorship Program

The Emergence Mentorship Program supports a cohort of highly driven social and environmental student entrepreneurs each year. Through select workshops and speakers, a network of like-minded peers, and one-on-one mentorship from industry professionals’ students are supported to ideate, develop, and launch purpose driven ventures that address societal and planet health challenges.

Mentee Benefits

Phase I: Purposeful Leadership

The focus of this phase is to support students on their career path, self-discovery, aligning their work with their values and passion, and educating them on purpose-driven entrepreneurship and leadership. Students pursue their entrepreneurial career with fresh perspective and renewed commitment to drive societal change. They learn about resources and networks available to them in purpose-driven entrepreneurship and are connected to a like-minded community on campus.

Phase II: Purposeful Innovations

In this phase students are connected to industry mentors who are executives and founders in their relevant domain. They are supported to vet their idea, product-market fit opportunity, business model and go to market strategy. Students refine their business and product development plans based on feedback from experts in their sector and learn about responsible innovation.

Phase III: Purposeful Ventures  

In this phase, students continue to connect with relevant organizations and industry mentors who can help them take their ideas forward. This includes like-minded investors, corporate partners, foundations, possible advisors, and co-founders. Students have a chance to present their venture and potentially attract support to take their project forward. They also learn about practices and processes to incorporate purpose in their ventures. Students that complete the Mentorship Program will receive a Certificate of Completion from Emergence in Purposeful Entrepreneurship.




  • The Emergence Mentorship Program is intended for students who are working towards purpose driven ventures that address societal and planetary challenges.
  • We seek students who are knowledgeable about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, who bring deep knowledge of the issues they are working to address, and who offer diverse perspectives and backgrounds to the cohort.
  • While we anticipate the program being the best fit for graduate level students (Masters, PhD, and Postdocs), we will also accept applications from highly qualified undergraduate students.

Application Process

If you have questions about the Emergence Mentorship Program we would love to hear from you. Please contact







Navami Jain

Biology & Mathematical and Computational Science

Designing a zero-waste healthcare supply chain

Divya Agarwal

Health Policy

Plant-based alternatives to traditional treatments for anxiety and depression

Ali Kight

Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering Design better and more accessible daily living products, starting with menstruation

Anton Molina

Materials Science and Engineering Consumer facing 3D print/recycling farms to realize a circular economy in small plastic objects

Summer Shaw

JD & MBA Net zero and minimal waste products

Axel Peytavin

Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering Social Platform for addressing Misinformation

Dhruv Suri

Energy Resource Engineering Last mile delivery of products in remote areas to increase social equity

Xiaofan Liu

Environmental Engineering Carbon Capture Products

Taimur Ahmad

International Policy (Energy and the Environment) Expanding access to clean, cheap electricity for underserved communities through sustainable business models