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Predicting Black Swan Climate Events and Improving Biodiversity

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symbiotic marine worm from Bo Wang lab

Professor Bo Wang leads a discovery-driven research group working at the intersection of developmental biology, bioengineering, and statistical physics, combining quantitative organism-wide fluorescence imaging (“deep imaging”), functional genomics (“deep sequencing”), and physical modeling to understand the fundamental rules that control collective cell behaviors to optimize tissues regeneration, adaptation, and evolution.

Currently, Professor Wang’s group is working on a number of relevant research inquiries, including:

  • Predicting Black Swan events and unprecedented ecological changes to maximize the value of historical environmental data
  • Biodiversity and resilience, studying corals and other marine species and developing high throughput imaging and screening technologies to identify chemicals that can improve resilience of specifics to heat and environmental changes; and
  • Studying the symbiosis and cross talk between species to use it as a way to improve resilience of ecosystems

Emergence Research Areas: Data Science for Climate Modeling, Improving Biodiversity and Resilience, and Diseases in Developing World