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Our Approach

To develop and catalyze the purposeful entrepreneurial ecosystem from the ground up

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We build educational programs that develop the next generation of socially and environmentally conscious leaders and an ecosystem of partnerships and funding to catalyze and scale impactful innovations and companies. To achieve our mission, we focus on the following three key pillars: Education, research, and entrepreneurship.

Approach Pyramid with 3 Levels: Entrepreneurship, Research, and Education.

Our next generation and future leaders are today’s students. We dedicate our resources to inspire, educate, and support them in developing purposeful careers so they can find alternatives to established career paths, where they can channel their creativity to solving the pressing problems, we are facing in the twenty-first century. 

We host mixers, convenings, workshops and seminar series with guest speakers who are successful founders and leaders in the entrepreneurship space. We source projects and problem vignettes from our partners so our students can develop their entrepreneurial skills while working on real world needs. And, we partner with for-profit and nonprofit organizations to support our student journeys from need finding and fundraising, to piloting and scaling solutions.