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Our Approach

To develop and catalyze the impact entrepreneurial ecosystem from the ground up

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By developing new frameworks and methodologies for health interventions and impact entrepreneurship, Emergence mobilizes talent, capital, and resources to achieve its goals. And, by developing a cross-sector collaborative ecosystem, including public and private sectors, Emergence supports the next generation of impact entrepreneurs in their journey from need-finding to launching and scaling innovations to bring its vision to fruition.


We develop experiential learning opportunities, formal coursework, and co-curricular content at Stanford to create innovative and scalable solutions for societal and planetary health. We support students to translate their ideas to impact through entrepreneurship, publish our research, and use our platform to affect change beyond Stanford and Silicon Valley.


We support a cohort of highly driven social and environmental student entrepreneurs each year. Through select workshops and speakers, a network of like-minded peers, connection to funding partnerships, and one-on-one mentorship from industry professionals’ students are supported to ideate, develop, and launch impact driven ventures that address health challenges.


We develop a community and an ecosystem of change-makers across the public sector, corporations, foundations, academia, investors, and startups to develop an action oriented impact entrepreneurship ecosystem to support entrepreneurs' working to address systemic challenges in key areas.