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Impact Entrepreneurship Framework 

Innovation framework for Systemic Drivers of Health

We introduce "Systemic Drivers of Health" as a framework for innovators to dig deeper in understanding the health challenges they want to solve and address the root causes. In this article "Innovating to Address the Systemic Drivers of Health" we discuss the interconnected local and global factors that impact health outcomes and share examples of innovative businesses that are solving today’s health challenges. 

Case Studies 

As part of our research we develop case studies on successful businesses that improve societal health outcomes by addressing systemic root causes of our challenges. Each of these companies have found a way to financial sustainability and scaling their innovations by addressing an unmet need and aligning their business model with creating impact. 

UNITE US: Unite Us provides critical infrastructure to connect the health and human services ecosystem.” Read the Unite Us case study "Built at the Speed of Trust".

OAK STREET HEALTH: Oak Street Health (“OSH”) is a primary care provider offering a better experience and better health outcomes for Medicare patients.” Read the Oak Street Health case study "Aim High, and Build Towards".

GOODR: Goodr is a logistics technology company that helps to sustainably manage food waste and provide much needed healthy food to the community. Read the GOODR case study "Doing Well While Doing Good".

AMPLIO: Amplio’s mission is to empower the world's most vulnerable communities through knowledge sharing. Read the Amplio case study "Amplifying Impact through Partnerships".

LOGICALLY: Logically's mission is to “improve civic discourse, protect democratic debate and process, and provide access to trustworthy information.” Read the Logically case study "From WhatsApp to the World".

Stanford Internal Resources 

Stanford is full of great resources for your journey on purposeful entrepreneurship! You can find a curated list of entrepreneurial resources on campus at Emergence's Notion page. Stanford's entrepreneurial ecosystem is dynamic and evolving, and so should our database, so please feel free to contribute to this resource by submitting your suggestions to us via the form linked to on the homepage of our Notion.  

We categorized the entrepreneurial resources into three main groups: Class, Student Club, and Program/Center. The Classes category includes entrepreneurial courses offered by different schools and departments across the Stanford campus and can be explored on The Student clubs group contains student-run groups and communities that provide students with activities and resources to develop entrepreneurial skills. The Programs/Centers category includes professional educational and leadership programs that offer opportunities for the Stanford community to learn and explore various aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Resources for Impact Entrepreneurs

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