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We aim to provide mentorship, networking, and lab space to incubate and launch startups in our impact areas (planet health, societal health, equity, and purposeful entrepreneurship).  We recognize that such innovations require longer incubation time post-research discovery, and we intend to de-risk and facilitate the translation of research to impact.

To support the entrepreneurial journey, we will need to build partnerships with NGOs, governments, corporations, academic institutions, and other impact-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem players.  And, we will need to build a global network of industry experts, investors, and serial entrepreneurs who can serve as advisors to our startups.

We intend to design a sustainable financial model that allows for patient, mission-aligned, and strategic capital. In line with doing so, we've taken our first step by mapping out the entrepreneurial landscape where we know it best: at Stanford. You will find a curated list of entrepreneurial resources on campus at Emergence's Notion page. Stanford's entrepreneurial ecosystem is dynamic and evolving, and so should our database, so please feel free to contribute to this resource by submitting your suggestions to us via the form linked to on the homepage of our Notion. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the panoply of entrepreneurial resources Stanford has to offer? We've designed the Emergence journey roadmap to ease this process, providing a friendly guide to provide a view of Stanford's resources best suited to your needs regardless of what stage you may be at, from the exploration phase without an idea all the way to a budding entrepreneur already hard at work on your startup.